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qweqwe: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/vivid vbox-tools qweqwe: chroot into it qweqwe: Your config is under /etc/vbox/vbox.cfg qin, thanks Hi, I have a problem. I use Ubuntu on my PC. It has two Ethernet-Cards, when one of them is unplugged I can't use the internet anymore. It's not an unplug/plug problem, it's a problem. Maybe someone can help me? what is it exactly what you want to do andre__ I am currently in the same situation on 16.10 kpow: I have two Ethernet-Cards, the laptop has two ethernet-Cards. One is connected to the internet, the other one isn't. I want to connect my old laptop to the internet using the laptop that is connected to the internet. kpow: it does not work with all cards yeah I dont know how to help you I could try to think a little deeper but I'd probably fail and I know it's going to be complicated kpow: I know it's complicated. I know that the problem is the same on every laptop that uses two ethernet cards. yeah I think I'd buy a cheap router it might be easy for you to configure to route all packets to your laptop with internet connection but I've never done that kpow: the problem is that the other networkcard is not connected to the router. It's connected to my DSL-Modem. so this is actually easy you just connect your internet cable to your laptop and router and then you connect your other cable from your internet router to your laptop this is a little complicated but it's easy kpow:




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UTorrent 3.6.9 Build 44092 Stable Pre-Cracked Crack Keygen brecat

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